Photo of ‘The Sunbird’ front cover


  1. Size 5.5" x 8.5"
  2. Pages 12

The need for platforms for anonymous coordination of diverse and creative movements exists wherever hearts yearn for liberation and freedom.

The best way to combat the repression of social movements and to empower ourselves to act is to eliminate the distinction between organizer and organized. We believe that no individual or organi- zation in Austin speaks for the entirety of the Pales- tinian resistance; consequently, we wanted to create a space that could empower everyone who feels ethically called to respond to the ongoing genocide to take action, announce events, and share live updates.

We are normal people who live normal lives, but we take digital security very seriously. We don’t have specialized skills. What we have set up is something anyone can do.

You can read the contents of this zine online in their entirety here.