Photo of ‘Ahead of Another Summer of Climate Disasters, Let’s Talk about Real Solutions’ front cover


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Capitalism has no future on this planet.

This crisis ensnares and harms all of us; the response is going to require as many of us as possible.

Support any project that inspires you and makes us all stronger both right now and in any likely future.

We need to support struggles that can bring small victories and increase our collective power, and deepen our relationship with the territory that can sustain us. Above all, we need to imagine better futures than the one they have in store for us.

A global revolution-one that can heal the wounds we have inflicted upon the planet itself-will be the outcome of countless dreams, plans, conspiracies, mad hopes, and battles we cannot yet foresee. We will make this revolution together, constantly dreaming, constantly weaving, because that is what free life is.

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