Photo of 'Immigrants Welcome' front side
Photo of 'Immigrants Welcome' front side

8¢ – 20¢ each

Bulk sticker, offset printed on coated litho paper. One included free with every order.

5 for $1 / 20 for $2 / 50 for $4 / 100 for $7

250 for $15 / 500 for $25.

  1. Size 8.5" x 11"

The border is not a wall—it’s a system of control.

It doesn’t protect people; it pits them against each other.

It doesn’t foster togetherness; it breeds resentment.

It doesn’t keep out predators; it gives them badges and guns.

The border does not divide one world from another.

There is only one world, and the border is tearing it apart.