#54: Anarchist Resistance in the Trump Era


Anti-Trump tour presentation, counter-inaugural history, #DisruptJ20, new site

Listen to the Episode — 91 min


What will resistance look like in the Trump era? What role can anarchists play? In Episode 54 of The Ex-Worker podcast we grapple with these questions as they will unfold on January 20 and beyond. It’s true, we incorrectly predicted a Clinton victory—reaction has advanced faster than we’d realized, but this apocalyptic scenario has catalyzed a flurry of rebellion and defiance. We begin the episode by recounting our analysis of the risks and possibilities of this political moment produced in the immediate aftermath of the election, as well as the “No Peaceful Transition” call that dozens of anarchist and antifascist groups have endorsed. On our recent speaking tour, some Ex-Workers traveled through the Northeast and Midwest, discussing the economic and political context framing Trump’s victory and learning about the initiatives to fight back and build autonomy going on across the country. We share an audio recording of the presentation, and complement it with an excerpt from a history of anarchist counter-inaugural protest, recently published hot on the heels of our Washington, DC anti-globalization walking tour. You’ll also hear an announcement about the new CrimethInc website, prisoner birthdays, and more. Whether or not you can make it to DC, let’s make sure that in the days and weeks to come we set a tone for uncompromising, ungovernable resistance to Trump and the world that makes him possible. {January 18, 2017}

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