CrimethInc. Events on Three Continents


This April, CrimethInc. operatives will speak in ten countries on three continents. In Europe, we’ve organized a seven-nation speaking tour to discuss the role of anarchism in the unfolding wave of global revolts and promote the forthcoming German translation of Work from our friends with Black Mosquito. In the Pacific Northwest, contributors to Self as Other: Reflections on Self-Care offer another leg of their tour exploring the revolutionary potential of care. Finally, in Chile, another operative is attending the third Anarchist Book Fair in Santiago, Chile to present two workshops and table with a variety of English and Spanish literature.

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European Tour: “Anarchism and the New Global Revolts”

We’ve organized another European tour to discuss the importance of anarchism in the new wave of global revolts and promote the forthcoming German translation of Work from our friends with Black Mosquito. The route will cross Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, and Serbia, stopping at anarchist book fairs in Zagreb, Croatia and Prague, Czech Republic.

Building on our recent experiences participating in uprisings around the world and corresponding with other participants, we’ve synthesized our observations into a new presentation, “Anarchism and the New Global Revolts.”

As rebellions from Brazil and Turkey to Ukraine and Bosnia expand in both exciting and frightening directions, what common threads connect the occupied squares and torched police cars? To imagine how anarchists might bring out their radical possibilities, we’ll explore today’s global uprisings through the lenses of policing, citizenship, and democracy. As repression and surveillance across the world intensifies, what new opportunities for revolt will arise? As conflicts over nationality and migration intensify, how can we challenge the state’s efforts to use borders and citizenship to contain the crises of capitalism? As trust in government erodes, what visions can anarchists offer beyond representative democracy? Our struggles must spread narratives and tactics that contest the legitimacy of these forces—and the future of freedom hangs in the balance.

Tour Dates

30.03. Basel, Switzerland – OFF 31.03. Salzburg, Austria – SUB 02.04. Ljubljana, Slovenia – A-Infoshop 3.4. Izola, Slovenia – Kulturni dom 04-06.04. Zagreb, Croatia – Anarchist Bookfair 07.04. Belgrad, Serbia 09.04. Köln, Germany – Wem gehört die Welt Wagenplatz 10.04. Düsseldorf, Germany – Linkes Zentrum Hinterhof 11.04. Hambacher Forst, Germany 12.04. Bielefeld, Germany – Infoladen Anschlag 13.04. Bremen, Germany – Sielwallhaus 14.04. Hamburg, Germany – LIZ 16.04. Berlin, Germany – Tempest 17.04. Berlin, Germany – Braunschweigerstr. 53-55 18.04. Leipzig, Germany 19-20.04. Prague, Czech Republic – Anarchist Bookfair 21.04. Plauen, Germany – Infoladen Plauen

“Beyond Self-Care” Speaking Tour in the Pacific Northwest

In activist circles and beyond, it has become commonplace to speak of self-care, taking for granted that the meaning of this expression is self-evident. But “self” and “care” are not static or monolithic; nor is “health.” How has this discourse been colonized by capitalist values? Contributors to our zine Self as Other: Reflections on Self-Care will present on the political dimensions of care, illuminating how it can serve oppressive or revolutionary purposes. Taking the self as an object of political struggle, this discussion will address how health and resistance are linked, and what forms of care could subvert today’s systems of power.

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Tour Dates

April 15, , 5:30 pm: PSU in Portland, OR

April 16, 5:00 pm: The Cusp in Olympia, WA

April 18: Boiler Room in Port Townsend, WA

April 19, 7:00 pm: 38 Blood Alley in Vancouver, BC

April 20, 7:00 pm: Left Bank Books in Seattle WA

CrimethInc. Table at the Anarchist Book Fair in Santiago, Chile

We will participate in the third Feria del Libro y Propaganda Anarquista de Santiago on April 12-13, offering a table of literature in both English and Spanish. In addition, a CrimethInc. operative will present two workshops: “Propaganda by Podcast (Propaganda por el Podcast)” and “Prison Abolition and Political Prisoners in the USA.”