NSA Stickers & Customer Appreciation Page


Who monitors the monitors? Who looks through your Windows™? You read books, but e-books read you. To paraphrase Nietzsche, when you look into the screen, the screen looks back into you.

The recent PRISM scandal has threatened the otherwise spotless reputation of the National Security Agency. In response, we have partnered with our dear friends in the NSA to produce a Customer Appreciation Page for everyone’s favorite online profiling organization.

Our first outreach project to promote awareness about the PRISM program and the NSA in general is a state-of-the-art sticker suitable for mobile phones, computers, and a wide range of other electronic devices. Sport one of these on your laptop to let everyone know where you stand; take a roll of these to the computer lab to educate your fellow students or employees!

Visit the NSA Customer Appreciation page!

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