Catharsis Discography


Digital Download


The digital version of the complete Catharsis discography, Light from a Dead Star, is now available online for downloading for just $10.

We have gone to great lengths to produce a definitive, comprehensive collection. The discography includes their debut 7”, the “Samsara” and “Passion” LPs, the split LPs with Gehenna and Newborn, and the final Catharsis song, “Absolution, ” recorded alongside “Arsonist’s Prayer” in their last session but never released–altogether totaling well over two hours of music. All the lyrics, manifestos and artwork for all the releases are also included, along with zine interviews, video footage, and posters, fliers, and handouts from various eras of the band’s existence.

Music files are available in both 256kpbs VBR AAC [289MB] & 192kbs MP3 [219MB]. All songs were remastered with a very light touch, encoded from the original files, and have complete metadata including album art and the song’s lyrics. Supplemental materials [493MB] are high-resolution PDFs and JPEGs and the video is a 688x512 H.264 MP4 file.

The 4-LP discography sets have sold out; we will send them out as soon as the vinyl arrives.

Catharsis in Baltimore, January 18, 2013.

Catharsis in Brooklyn, January 19, 2013