Recipes for Disaster, in English and Russian


For many weeks now, our classic all-purpose anarchist cookbook, Recipes for Disaster has been out of stock. We’ve just received a flawless printed sample and are relieved to report that on September 24, a reformatted and enhanced second edition of the cookbook will be available.

Meanwhile, our Russian comrades have published their own version of Recipes for Disaster, which is available for free downloading. They have added many of their own recipes and adjusted others based on experience. Here, in their own words, are the contents of their version, which provide as entertaining a glimpse into the Russian anarchist context as the time capsule of our 2004 version offers into our own past:

Variety of Tactics Hitch-Hiking Antifascist Action Affinity Group ATMs - Sabotage Banners Behavioristic Collage Butane Bomb Ventilation as a Way to Hurt Bad People Water Communications as a Way to Hurt Bad People Cell Towers - Sabotage Urban Gardens Graffiti Homes and Offices - Sabotage Smoke Bomb Food Not Bombs Railroads - Sabotage Baked Potato and Mushroom - Dish Incendiary Devices Locks and Other Security Ambush Health Infiltration Infoshop Camera and Film out of the Box (Pinhole Camera) Camera Surveillance and Traffic Radars Collectives of Affinity Groups and Informal Networks Communal Housing Consensus Gig Purse from a Package of Juice Critical Mass Lecture at the University - Capture Power Lines - Sabotage Magic Machinery - Sabotage Mental Health Molotov Guerrilla Theater Planning for the Shares Support for Victims of Domestic Violence Polyamory Decision-Making during the Campaign Opposition to Oppression Ratatouille - Dish Samba Band Self-Defense Sex The Signals Squat Solidarity Caches Technique - Sabotage Stencils Destruction of Asphalt with Trees Falafel - Dish Festival Flash Robes Friganism Really Free Market Protecting Trees with Spikes Shoplifting

Permit us to emphasize that наши русские намного смешнее, чем их английский язык. We are told that a future version of their book will also include “print-saloon and book making, city gardening, and garbage separating.”