Breaking with Consensus Reality


Over the past years, anarchists have helped popularize the discourses of consent in interpersonal relationships as a way to counter rape culture, and consensus in political organizing as an anti-authoritarian approach to decision-making. Recently, however, we’ve seen the language of consent and consensus used to condemn direct action and delegitimize autonomous initiatives.

Does consent discourse offer a useful framework with which to evaluate direct action tactics and strategy? Can we challenge consensus reality effectively while respecting everyone’s wishes? What’s the relationship between desire and social transformation? Breaking with Consensus Reality grapples with these questions, exploring the limits of the politics of consent and proposing an alternative.

Breaking with Consensus Reality (PDF [1.8 MB] Imposed Zine Version) (PDF [1.7 MB] Online Reading Zine Version)

This text is drawn from the publication TERROR INCOGNITA, which will soon be available online in full.