New Site-Specific Stickers: Vote Here


We’ve produced a new sticker to express the national mood about the upcoming election. Reading “VOTE HERE” with an arrow on patriotic red, white, and blue, it’s the perfect addition to trash cans, toilets, sewer drains, and other waste disposal sites. These are 4” wide, printed on paper stickers (as opposed to vinyl) so as to be difficult to remove, and feature a QR code directing the curious to a new webpage discussing why democracy is bankrupt. They are available in quantities from 25-1,000, and, of course, one sticker comes free in every order from our online store.

We’d love to expand our photo gallery depicting these in action. If you see these stickers in use anywhere clever, please take a picture and email it to us, or better yet tweet it with the hashtag #votehere.

We gave away 1000 of these in a single day at last week’s Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair and we anticipate them going quickly. We’ll follow these up with a poster series in time for May Day.

Order the stickers here!