Convergence Update, Call for Workshops

To attend this summer’s CrimethInc. convergence, show up July 16 at Gordon Park (Locust St. & Humboldt Blvd) in Milwaukee, WI. You can also show up July 17, but you’ll miss some of the events.

The CrimethInc. convergence is a self-organized gathering to circulate skills, deepen networks, and build morale in North America in order to foster a culture of resistance worldwide. Everyone who comes is encouraged to be a presenter and performer. This year’s convergence will focus on developing direct action skills such as might be useful at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions this summer, and also on creative pastimes, subversive ideas, and survival strategies that have nothing to do with them. Anarchists from overseas will also be present to offer perspectives from other contexts.

Like previous convergences, this one will be a sober, consent-based, anticapitalist space. That means no drugs or drinking on the premises; accountability processes will be in effect according to the wishes of survivors; and that camping, eating, literature, and everything else are totally free (though participants are discouraged from selling things except to raise funds for political prisoners). We’ll have more details on the policies stipulated by the local organizers shortly.

Bring camping gear, food, arts and crafts materials, literature to share, plays to perform, workshops to present, songs to sing, poetry to recite, stunts to pull off, plans to whisper, and the sort of wild-eyed romantic idealism that can make the most boring situation into a crazy adventure.

Childcare, medical services, and conflict mediation will all be provided.

RSVP: Contact the local organizers:

strong>Please download promotional materials to invite people from your community.

CrimethInc. reports from some previous convergences: 2007 : 2006 : 2004 : 2003

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Call for Workshops

If you are planning on performing or presenting this year, please send in a brief description of what you’ll be doing, so we can announce it in advance. Email it to

We encourage everyone to see the CrimethInc. convergence as a space to try out ideas that would never see the light in any other context. This is a chance to risk everything, to debut brand new formats with your knees knocking together in terror! Don’t just drone through the old standards—challenge yourself and others! Draw on your passions and anomalous interests to offer your comrades points of departure they would never come across anywhere else, including in other anarchist circles. If your two true loves are lobsters and William Blake, put on a puppet show: Songs of Experience as Interpreted by Creatures of the Deep! If you’re quite comfortable discussing post-structuralist theory, try something you’ve never done before—put on a burlesque show, or do the research for a presentation on the history of anti-state responses to domestic violence, or volunteer at the childcare station all week! If we are careful and conservative in spaces like this that belong to us, we’re bound to stay careful and conservation in the rest of our lives, too. GO FOR IT!

Here are a few examples of this year’s workshops and performances. We’ll post more as they come in!

Publishing A Small Periodical Newspaper

A comprehensive crash-course in the production of a community newspaper: learn how you and 3 or 4 friends can publish a small-scale newspaper or community journal! Covers outreach-writing methodology, theme-selection, presentation, and distribution. This workshop covers the nuts and bolts of newspaper projects; the “Small Town Organizing” workshop functions well as a complement.

Small Town Organizing for Anarchists

Do you feel stuck—like you’re running in place—in a small town? Come share your experience and hear insight from our work in the field: this workshop offers a walking tour through strategic models for mutual-aid outreach, DIY-community building, public relations, literature distribution, broader network health, and morale boosting. We’ll also tackle such obstacles as poor social dynamics within small-town DIY communities, practical consensus for beginners, and how small and well-known anarchist cells can avoid being singled out as criminals.

Designing Posters and Other Propaganda

This workshop isn’t for designers only; rather, we’ll take a look at conventional anarchist design methods and style and analyze their effectiveness in communicating meaning. In addition to theory, this workshop includes some basic tutorials for both old (cut & paste) and new (digital design) schools, and offers some useful instances for both. This workshop emphasizes utilizing equipment and resources that are freely accessible to most people.

Storytelling Revisited

Security Culture meets Resistance Mythology in this dynamic workshop of storytelling and storytelling about storytelling. Learn about the elements and sequence of a good story, about the fascinating characteristics of compelling characters, enjoy irony and satire in their natural habitat, and consider how to escape moralism and encourage appreciation for good stories at the same time. Learn how to utilize these ingredients to talk your way across a border or into a building; learn how good storytelling—and listening—skills can protect participants in direct actions and simultaneously nurture momentum for resistance.

Direct Action Planning: Mock Spokescouncil

In this exercise, participants will break into affinity groups to plan a mock action via the spokescouncil model. Excellent practice for publicly coordinated actions that demand layers of privacy within and between groups.

Direct Action Role-Playing: Staying Safe in the Streets

This workshop offers real-time, real-space experience for groups to move securely together in stressful situations, to protect themselves against attacks, avoid being boxed in, stay aware in changing environments, and achieve objectives.

Performer: Testament

I am not a rapper, I am just a revolutionary who raps good. I’m taking hip-hop back to its revolutionary roots and spreading dissent through the powerful, thought-provoking rhymes. I’m here to save hip-hop from the glorified violence, materialism, sexism, and racism that the music industry creates, promotes, and markets for their own capitalist purposes. The revolution will not be signed to a record deal.

In lieu of a ride board, please post offers of and requests for empty seats to the convergence in the comments section below.