New Unconventional Action Paper


An Unconventional Action chapter has just published a new free paper, False Hope vs. Real Change, detailing the pitfalls of electoral politics and exploring alternatives grounded in direct action and community self-determination. We’ve made the PDF available:

False Hope vs. Real Change PDF [3.2 MB]

CrimethInc. Far East will be including copies of this paper in orders. To obtain copies in bulk for distribution, email

From the release announcement:

False Hope vs. Real Change: An Anti-Partisan (Beyond) Voting Guide to the 2008 Elections argues passionately for direct action in the face of war, environmental destruction, militarized borders, and the alienation of American life—while exposing how politicians profit from these crises even as they claim to offer solutions to them. Beyond merely telling people not to vote, this colorful, engaging eight-page newspaper offers concrete examples of how to participate directly in resisting oppression and creating alternatives to voting. By responding directly to many of the reasons why people who are disillusioned or cynical about politics continue to vote, the articles explore how our most empowering options for participation exist outside of the ballot boxes. The writers examine the possibilities of direct action, collectives, mutual aid, and anarchy, analyzing their potential as tools to move beyond the constraints of voting, party politics, capitalism, and government. Highly recommended as a tool for explaining anarchist critiques of elections and voting, and for building momentum towards the 2008 Republican and Democratic National Convention protests.