Anarchy? Ha!

With a few exceptions, anarchists are not known for comedy. This is unfortunate; the vicissitudes of late capitalism are nothing if not farcical, and nothing is more persuasive than humor—to laugh at a joke is to acknowledge its premises. While we have yet to unearth the great anarchist comic of our generation, we have discovered a ’zine that satirizes the North American anarchist subculture to great effect. Allow us to introduce the Super Happy Anarcho Fun Pages, the 12th issue of which has just been released. All twelve issues are freely available online, courtesy of The SHAFP offer enlightening takes on many subjects, including the environment… …animal liberation… …pacifism… …direct action… …privilege… …expropriation… …alternatives to anarchism… …cross-subcultural organizing… …recruiting for the cause… …and the utopian vision of a better world than motivates anarchist struggle: Suffice it to say that, should you happen to share the author’s subcultural reference points, you will find this ’zine very funny. On the other hand, if you do not, you will be puzzled as to why we directed you to something that appears to be the work of a three-year-old.