2008 CrimethInc. Convergence July 16-20

This summer’s CrimethInc. convergence will occur July 16 to 20, in or near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For now, you can download a two-sided quartersheet flier announcing the date and location. We’ll have more details available soon.

Please email crimethincbooking@yahoo.com with questions—or, even better, to offer to provide resources, bottomline tasks, or introduce unknown quantities into the equation.

It’s going to be a busy summer, and we’re hoping the convergence can contribute to everything else that’s happening without losing its unique character and function. We’ve made efforts not to double-book it with other radical events, but as some have not been announced yet, it’s possible that there will be some overlap. Although the dates of the convergence are now essentially set in stone, anyone who has information about other events scheduled for this summer is encouraged to get in touch. Please circulate news of the convergence dates far and wide, as well, so others know not to double-book.