Seen Any Good Anarchist Films Lately?

As we slowly creep toward a highly anticipated autumn, I am starting to get some new projects lined up, one of which is our next DVD release, to be called, surprisingly, CrimethInc. Guerilla Film Series Volume 2. So far I have a couple films in mind and one or two locked up, but there are still many slots open as I’d like for this to be another two-disc set (or maybe three?). So, I thought I’d ask all of you if you have any recommendations of anarchist films you have seen recently, or even not so recently, that you think are under seen and/or lacking robust distribution (even if a film has been released as its own DVD, let us know about it as it could still be included). Titles and contact information would be appreciated, as well as summaries and why you think they should be included. We are looking for all types of pieces from documentaries both short and feature length, as well as fictional works. Ten years old or unreleased, as long as it is quality and something people need to see, we’re interested.

Leave your suggestions in the comments or email Thanks!