New Zegota record & tour with new band Requiem, report from Miami FTAA


We are proud to announce that the new Zegota record, Reclaim!, is complete and will soon be available from the Far East mail order. Reclaim! is Zegota’s first true album, written and conceived as such, and recorded over several days in Malmö, Sweden by David Sandstrom from the Refused. On it, they live up to every bit of promise shown in their previous recordings and performances, delivering a well-crafted forty-minute adventure constructed with the rawest of vocals, wall-like guitars, delicate piano sections, drum beats like the heartbeat of an escaped hostage and an unrestrained bass sound to bring it all together. Here is an mp3 of the 5th song on the album, Struck by the Wild (due to bandwidth concerns the mp3 is encoded at a less than premium rate to reduce file size, the actual recording quality is much higher.) As usual, the packaging is unique, organic and refined, with fine letterpress work we did ourselves on our recently acquired letterpress. Zegota will also be on an east coast tour with the newly-formed band Requiem (composed of former members of Catharsis, and we mean it this time — those who loved Catharsis will appreciate the same forces brought to bear here, of course in an entirely new way). The tour starts the 27th in NYC and goes through the 2nd.

We have also posted in the features section an analysis and report on the events in Miami during the FTAA conference titled BRINGING THE HEAT IN MIAMI: An Analysis of Direct Action at the November 2003 F.T.A.A. Ministerial. The article takes a critical look at the planning and organizing of the event, recounts some participants experiences during the action, and concludes with a post-script looking at race relations in the heat of battle.