The CrimethInc. Crimethink Book


We are thrilled to announce the new Transatlantic Vagabond Edition (a.k.a. European Edition) to be distributed exclusively by the Demon Box Collective located outside of Stockholm, Sweden. Its contents are identical to the standard version, except for one page inside and an alternate back cover. This should provide a much easier and less expensive way for our comrades in Europe to get the book.

Also, due to an incredible response to the book as well as the hard work of many CrimethInc. agents across the world who took it upon themselves to get the books into needy hands, the first printing of 1500 copies of Days of War, Nights of Love has sold out in just over one month! We are getting the second printing back from the printers on Tuesday, the 17th. This is just in time as we got rid of our last copies here in Olympia only yesterday. The new printing is exactly the same as the first printing and is completely indistinguishable.

More information (including pics of new Euro edition) can be found on the newly updated book site.