The Hotwire #22: March 14, 2018


Int’l Women’s Day actions—#DefendAfrin solidarity—WV teachers’ strike ends

Listen to the Episode — 37 min


This episode we bring you two roundups: one for women’s strike actions on International Women’s Day, and another for #DefendAfrin actions across Europe. We also share a call for and international day of solidarity to #DefendAfrin on March 24. The West Virginia teachers’ strike has ended, and we share our complicated takeaways from the longest strike in West Virginia history. The alt-right is unraveling, but anti-fascists arrested in Michigan last week still need your help. Things are heating up in Hamilton, Ontario as anarchists demonstrate against gentrification and face right-wing backlash for it. Listen until the end for announcements of speaking tours, J20 updates, political prisoner birthdays, and upcoming anarchist bookfairs.

Notes and Links