#55: The J20 Protests and Beyond: Anarchists Bring in the Trump Era


DC J20 Protests; Anarchists in mass media; Kettle lessons; Protest to Resistance

Listen to the Episode — 123 min


January 20th, 2017 saw perhaps the fiercest resistance to ever take place at an American presidential inauguration. Episode 55 of The Ex-Worker podcast surveys the day’s momentous protests in DC and beyond, mass media reactions to anarchist resistance, and lessons for the future of radical protest. We begin with an interview with an organizer from Disrupt J20, evaluating the blockades, marches, and disruptions, commenting on state and right-wing repression, reflecting on the spokescouncil model, and sharing visions for the future, as well as info on how to support the 200-plus comrades arrested in the streets that day. Our friends at Agency, an anarchist media relations project, share a detailed report on mass media coverage of the demonstrations and of anarchists and anarchism over the past weeks, including plenty of hilarious quotes and clips. From an anonymous arrestee from DC’s J20 protests, we offer an analysis of how to make the best of mass arrests. We then share reports from a few of the hundreds of protests and actions that took place outside of Washington, DC on January 20th, including arrests leading to serious charges against anarchists in New Orleans and the shooting of an antifascist protestor in Seattle. The episode wraps up with an analysis about how to “Take the Offensive: Moving from Protest to Resistance”. All this, plus news, prisoner birthdays, updates from international struggles, and plenty more! {March 7, 2017}

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