New Printings of Older Books


We’ve just reprinted three of our best-known titles: Days of War, Nights of Love, Expect Resistance, and Off the Map. For the new printing of Days of War, we went the extra mile and subtly improved the entire design from cover to cover. The lighthearted do-it-yourself aesthetic of our first book remains one of its charms, but we’ve learned a lot in the intervening decade and couldn’t resist the opportunity to polish it up a bit. When things here settle down a bit, we’ll post a thorough review of the changes and the ideas behind them. Needless to say, it’s a constant temptation to go back and improve older projects rather than focusing on new ones, but rest assured we’re not about to rest on our laurels any time soon. The new printings of Expect Resistance and Off the Map include no significant departures from the last ones—though a few small production gremlins that haunted the last printing of ER have been eradicated, and there is a tiny surprise awaiting people who receive this new version. Starting immediately, all orders will receive the ‘new’ versions.

As foreshadowed in our “State of the Union Address,” we’re also increasing the prices of our books slightly. This will help us stay solvent so we can take on other printing projects rather than simply retreating to the obscurity of virtual publishing. A quick glance at our colleagues’ prices will confirm that our books are still more affordable than almost anyone else’s.

The flip side of the price increases is that later in 2011 we plan to debut free electronic versions of all our books, refined, adjusted, and enhanced to make the most of various digital formats. These will take us some time to prepare, however, so please be patient.