New Feature, and Vortext Now Online


At long last, we’ve uploaded a pdf version of VORTEXT, organ of the Experimentation Committee, to our downloads page. Please print these out and share them freely—or, heaven help you, miserably slog through it online.


ORGAN OF THE EXPERIMENTATION COMMITTEE** PDF (35.4 MB) Imposed Zine Version (Legal Size) PDF (36.1 MB) Online Reading Version

Therein, you may read about the hijinks and provocations of the Experimentation Committee; about the uses of black magic and self-destruction in the service of insurrection; about passionism, consonance, and terrible freedom; a philosophical inquiry into the relation between anarchy and friendship; and a great deal more. We’ve also added the manifesto of the Experimentation Committee to our reading library:

Beware/Join the Experimentation Committee!

We’ll upload a pdf of TERROR INCOGNITA next.